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PJM Assure

PJM Assure® - RFID Medical Device Loan-Kit Management Solution for Hospitals

PJM Assure

PJM Assure® system is a medical implant tracking solution that delivers profound process efficiencies to improve the loan kit processes in hospitals.

SATO VICINITY’s PJM RFID technology is a tried, tested and proven solution delivering positive outcomes to hospitals for better management of loan kit receipt and return.

Approximately 80% of orthopedic implant loan kits in Australia and New Zealand are now tagged and tracked with PJM RFID. World top implant suppliers, as well as 70 major hospitals, use PJM RFID to deliver accuracy, efficiency and great service to their customers.


Key Benefits

Improve patient safety
  • Every scanned item's expiry date is validated, preventing expired implants being consumed
  • Ensure all items that should be available for surgery, actually are available for surgery – SATO VICINITY’s Orbit  and Assure implant management systems verify the delivered implants against the Surgeon's "Preference", or list, of items the surgeon requires.

    Enhance the receipt and dispatch process with speed and 100% accuracy
  • Reduce receipt of complex kits from hours to minutes
  • Eliminate errors
  • Dramatically reduce subsequent inquiries and disputes relating to implants used/billed

    Deliver fast automated returns reconciliation
  • Automated kit return processing means kits can be processed and picked up much more quickly. Eliminate kit bottlenecks and free up space and time
  • Prevent shipping errors. No more returning the wrong items. PJM Assure® is flexible and allows items to be exchanged to deal with complex theater scenarios with mixed consignment and loan kit inventory, and multiple similar surgeries, but an audit trail and clarity is provided.
  • Our customers are reducing inquiries and disputes by over 90% by using PJM Assure®.

    Provide a complete solution
  • With suppliers worldwide embracing PJM Orbit®  systems, we can provide turnkey solutions to hospitals and orthopedic implant manufacturers and distributors.

    How to Get Started with PJM Assure®?


    A PJM RFID tunnel is all that is required to quickly reconcile items received on bookings. Easy installation and operation drastically reduces the time valuable staff spend counting and verifiying loan kit deliveries.


    PJM Assure® is a web based software. It can be hosted on site or in a secure data center. Tunnels and desktop readers are connected to your LAN via Ethernet.

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